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I am 22 years old. Married. Mother to a beautiful daughter. Currently pregnant with a baby boy due in June 22 of this year. My husband and I are excited for the arrival of our son.
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As of Sunday, I am now in my third and last trimester! I was gonna blog about it on Sunday but I thought I’ll blog about it today after my hospital/doctors appointment. 

As for my cravings, I haven’t had cravings or appetite as much since I entered the 3rd trimester. So weird. I was feeling really depressed yesterday cause I was hungry but I had no appetite for anything. I felt like I was doing something wrong and that I wasn’t eating enough for my son. I don’t feel all depressed or anything anymore but I do feel bad that I haven’t been eating much for my son.

For those who saw my posts on my previous blog, I mentioned that I had placenta previa. I went to the hospital today to check if my placenta has moved away from my cervix. Good news! It moved away from my cervix! I was so happy when I heard that. I don’t have to worry about get c-section anymore.

I’ve gained I think a pound since my last doctor visit which makes 160lbs now. Besides me losing my appetite, I’ve been a bit more careful with what I ate. I’m trying really hard not to snack on junk food or give into my fast food cravings, I’ve also been stretching more, although I doubt that helped.

I don’t think there anything else to really update on. I just really wanted update on the whole placenta previa thing. Anyways, its getting late. Gotta get some sleep. 


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it’s a boy! by jen hammer on Flickr.

What a ridiculously cute idea!
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I cant believe I’m only a week away. It feels like it was just yesterday I found out. Time sure flies.

Nothing much has changed since my last pregnancy update. (check my personal blog) My appetite has been so-so. One day I’m eating everything and then the next day I don’t want to eat as much. During my last doctors visit, I found out that I gained 15 lbs! o_O I honestly didn’t expect to have gained that much. I need to lose some weight or having my eating under control. I try not to eat junk or fast food as much but that’s all I crave sometimes so its hard.

My intimacy with my husband is BLEH! Ever since we found about me having placenta previa, we havent been able to. Doctor’s order. Two more weeks until we find out if the placenta went back to normal or not. If not then too bad for us. It will also mean that I’ll have to go through C-section. I’m just hoping everything will turn out okay.

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23 weeks and 3 days